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Credit Card Tips
Credit Card Tips for Testing in your own Vehicle

1. My online registration won't go through  Please do not submit your registration from work. Many companies have a secure firewall and servers that will not allow you to submit. Please do not call our office until you have tried to submit a registration from home.

2. Should I register first or pay with a credit card?  For testing in your own vehicle, always submit your online registeration first and then go back to the Test at DDA page, select the test option you want and Add to Cart.  Our 30hr Course, Teen, Adlt and Senior Programs allow you to register and pay at the same time - then start immediately!

3. I just want to use my credit card not Paypal
  Okay, then just look a little further down on the checkout page for where it reads Continue without logging in and click there to bypass Paypal questions

4. Do I need to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card?  No, Paypal is just our credit/debit card processing company.  You do not have to create a Paypal account. Please use any credit or debit card you want.

5. It keeps saying I already have a Paypal account  Okay, again just look a little further down on that checkout page for where it reads Continue without logging in and click there to bypass Paypal questions.

6. Do I have to pay with a credit card?  No, you can pay by money order, cash or debit card at the time of your driving test.

7. I changed the quantity, but why does the price in my cart stay the same?  Remember to press the Update cart button every time you change the quantity.

8. When I try to confirm and pay - the credit card is not being accepted  Okay, required info could still be missing, your card might not have enough available credit or might even be associated with an old Paypal account.  The easiest solution here is to just try again or use another credit or debit card to complete the transaction.  Sometimes if you try again on a different computer, the credit or debit card will be accepted.  If you have tried all of these tips and are still unable to complete your purchase - call or email us and a DDA Rep will contact you and walk you through it. Remember, you can always pay by money order, cash or debit card at the time of your driving test.

9. When I enter my credit card info and pay, am I registered for my license test?  No, you have paid, but the online registration form is separate because not everybody uses a credit/debit card to pay for their test. Go back to our website - www.LearnToAnticipate.com - and on the same Test at DDA webpage that shows prices, scroll down until you'll see the big red button that says Register.  Click Register and tell us how many hours you have practiced so far, when you plan to take your license test, and what kind of a driver you are (confident, nervous, average, etc.) Once we receive your online registration, a DDA Representative will contact you to set up your driving test.

10. I'm ready to schedule my license test, what's next?  DDA requires all new students and parents to accept our terms and conditions at the bottom of our online registration form. Registering is required by the PennDOT and will help us to continue to provide the best possible customer service we can. Remember, you are required by PennDOT to bring several documents to our office on test day, so please read through DDA's pre-test email and have all documents ready when you arrive.

Thanks in advance for taking time to read and follow our tips for checkout...
~We appreciate your business!