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DDA Fleet Programs

What are People saying about DDA?

“Thanks for meeting with me on the job. I'm now more aware of my specific weaknesses and by ingraining your techniques, I know I'm good to go...

I had no idea I even had any of these driving weaknesses... guess it was just the way I learned when I was young.”

~Bobby D - A. Amendt Pest Control Co., Inc., Glenolden, PA

Fleet Defensive Driving Retraining - Corporate Customization

A defensive driving coaching session or on-site seminar will keep your employees safer, reduce risk and lower incident related costs. DDA Inc. offers affordable 1-on-1 behind-the-wheel driver retraining and customized strategies designed to motivate your employees and get results. Here are just a few examples of how our professional DDA Instructors accomplish this:

  • On-Site DDC Certificate Programs throughout the U.S.
  • One-On-One Weakness Diagnosis
  • Fleet Device Technology Recommendations
  • DDA Crash Predictability Assessments
  • Cutting Edge Anticipation Based Techniques

To date, the Defensive Driving Academy is the only company that quantifies "Crash Predictability" through our proprietary CPI© assessment. The expertise of DDA Consultants and Coaches is not limited to their comprehensive understanding of our "weakness vs. crash likeliness" methodology, but more importantly, they are talented men and women who will motivate your employees to recognize, modify and eliminate risky driving habits they never knew existed.

OSHA Compliance Training and Certification

The Defensive Driving Academy can also provide affordable on-site education. We offer safety seminars with certification which will help employers to successfully address their workplace safety and continuing education compliance needs. U.S. Employers will find this training useful in meeting the training obligations outlined in OSHA Standards 29 C.F.R. 1926.21(B)(2). Your employees will operate more safely, risk will be further reduced, and your organization will benefit from lower incident related costs. We understand every company has different needs. Contact us today and allow a DDA Representative to quickly customize and email back a program with affordable pricing that includes one or more of the following:

  • AED Training and Certification
  • CPR Training and Certification
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training and Certification

Fleet Defensive Driving Certificate Programs

We understand the many challenges associated with trying to schedule a large number of employees/drivers to attend a DDC course at one time, so many employers will simply require their drivers to attend our Saturday morning defensive driving course (located just outside Philadelphia, PA) at their convenience. DDA can also provide an on-site defensive driving certificate seminar at your facility or campus almost anywhere throughout the U.S. in order to get a large number of employees certified quickly.

Who have we helped "Learn To Anticipate?" Through years of experience and thousands of hours of research, DDA has discovered one type of fleet accident that seems to happen much more often than other collisions. DDA retraining will reduce this more frequent type of collision, and in the long run, the reduced costs and increased savings will be much greater than any fees associated with our defensive driving programs. Our consultants are ready to work together with in-house fleet managers to help integrate our unique anticipation-based concepts along with any pre-existing safety programs to further galvanize driver/vehicle safety throughout your entire organization. Before contacting us, the following companies had employees who knew how to drive. After contacting DDA, Inc. the same companies and their employees now understand what it means to "Learn To Anticipate."

CPI© - Crash Predictability Index Assessments

Industry research has verified the negative economic impacts of risky driving behavior in the workplace. Given this, DDA, Inc. has developed a solution that will successfully lower exposure and deter employees from driving unsafely. If your company has one driver or an entire fleet, our CPI© assessments are an affordable, effective and equitable risk reduction solution. 

While many companies have an established fleet safety objective, we recognize and understand the need for a more comprehensive unbiased approach. Our fleet experts work side by side with university researchers and have developed strategies which allow us to go one step further by offering pre-employment driver screening assessments. DDA's proprietary CPI© assessments will pinpoint risk on the front end, and help fleet safety managers encapsulate and eliminate unsafe driving behavior on the back end.

Help International Employees Safely Adapt

Driving conditions are very different in the United States. For many employees, it is almost like “starting over” when they begin driving here. Our traffic moves faster, intersections and right of way can be complex and some may even drive on the wrong side of the road!  DDA's experience with multi-national companies means even a single lesson or CPI© assessment can make a difference for the safety of transitioning employees. Call us today and we will truly customize a program that makes sense for your organization.

Listen to DDA CEO, Gerald Murphy, discuss defensive driving safety on WBAL FM radio >>

Why delay? Your delivery, service or sales force must be safe and responsible when doing your company's work because your business and your employees depend on it. Small business or large corporation, the cost of an on-site DDA program or brush-up session is minimal compared to the huge accident-related costs associated with lost time, legal liabilities, medical bills, higher insurance premiums, and an injured reputation. Contact us and learn how we can begin to customize a program for your sales reps, employees or drivers right away.

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Fleet Advertising/Marketing Programs

To request information about advertising on DDA's website or highly visible DDA cars (which pick up and drop off 400 times and travel 5,000 miles every month) just contact us via email at
advertise@theDefensiveDrivingAcademy.com and a DDA Advertising Representative will get back to you soon.

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