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Think Teen Driving is too Lax in PA?


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"Jerry, Hey thanks for teaching Nicole not just the right way to merge onto the highway, but what to do when things get tricky. Yeah, I would have never thought to teach her that technique, but now I know what you meant when you said driving program vs. defensive driving program...

and by making her a
right-of-way expert, her decision-making and confidence are so much better.   You guys were great!!  I'll be sure to tell everyone about DDA"
~Donna M - Villanova



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If we haven't already, once this form is submitted, a DDA Representative will contact you to schedule your Express Parallel Parking Lesson.  Keep in mind, the best time to schedule an Express Parallel Parking lesson is the week of your test, so that our formula is remembered and remains fresh until your test day. Have you read the Express Parallel Parking FAQs?

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I have read and accept DDA's Express Parallel Parking© Cancellation Policy & Terms DDA EXPRESS PARALLEL PARKING© CANCELLATION POLICY/TERMS: Express Parallel Parking lessons are scheduled every 30 minutes so if you're running a few minutes late, we at DDA understand, however, if you don't call us prior to your scheduled appointment time to tell us you're running late, we will assume you're a no show and the DDA Coach reserves the right to leave if your lesson is the last lesson of the day. When a student cancels an appointment with short notice, DDA Coaches must still be paid, so please provide us with as much notice as possible. Same-day cancellations and no-shows will not be refunded, but students can sign up again for another Express Parallel Parking lesson at the same $25 rate another time. Additionally, repeat cancellations will not be tolerated, and DDA Inc. reserves the right to dismiss students at anytime if necessary. DDA will also share or send emails about weather alerts, scheduling future lessons, teen driving research studies, teen auto insurance discounts, and future DDA license testing updates or PennDOTchanges.

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Take a Free Practice PA Permit Test If you haven't been to the DMV to get your learner's permit, or you've been there a few times and had difficulty passing the computer knowledge test--it's okay. DDA is here to help!!! Just click on the PA Driver's Manual (to the left), and you can take a 25 question practice permit test which is very similar to the PA test. If you feel you need more practice questions, just Google "free PA permit test" and you can keep trying practice questions until you're ready to pass the real thing--GOOD LUCK!!!!


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