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Parallel Parking FAQs
1. Can I really learn to parallel park in 15 minutes?  Yes, DDA's parallel parking formula was designed with simplicity as the #1 priority, however, if you don't go right back to the test center to repeat and reinforce our formula after hours in the same vehicle you will be testing in, your passing ratio won't be as high.

2. Does the Express Parallel Parking Lesson happen in my vehicle or DDA's car?  The Express Parallel Parking Lesson should take place in your vehicle or one that is very similar to the vehicle you will be testing in.

3. When is it best to schedule an Express Parallel Parking Lesson?  As close as possible to your license test, but leave about a week to ten days before the actual test date so you can go back to the test center at least once or twice to practice and lock it in.

4. How can I pay?  With a credit card online (remember to print and bring the receipt to your lesson) or cash the same day. It doesn't really matter to us, but payment is due on or before the day services are rendered. Obviously checks won't clear as fast as our amazing parallel parking formula will.

5. What's the best way to practice?  We highly recommend going right from your Express Parallel Parking Lesson immediately to the test center with the vehicle you will test in for at least 30 minutes to repeat and practice our method.

6. When can I go back to the test center and practice in the actual spot?  Any time after testing hours. PA DMV testing hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30am till 5pm, but anytime before or after is okay. You cannot practice after hours at the Norristown DMV because they lock the gates, and you cannot practice after hours at the Island Ave. test center because they take their cones inside when closed.  DDA recommends the Media, Frazer or Huntingdon Valley test centers for practicing since they allow access to their parallel parking spots after hours. Tip of the day: You can avoid all the above by scheduling your test at our facility in Newtown Square or Pep Boys in Exton. DDA is now certified by PennDOT to perform Third Party Non-Commercial License Testing.

7. What type of vehicle works best with DDA's parallel parking formula?  Any vehicle really.

8. What if 15 minutes isn't enough time for me to learn DDA's parallel parking formula?  If you need extra time with the DDA Coach to grasp our formula we always accommodate our students, but it will depend mostly on when the next student is scheduled. Rest assured, we won't let you leave until you feel you've got it down.

9. Should I start practicing parallel parking before an Express Parallel Parking Lesson?  Nope.  We have found the DDA formula for parallel parking  works best for students that don't already have another formula floating around in their brains - working with a clean slate is preferred, but not necessary. Remember though, if your not testing in a DDA car, we do require students to go back to the test center after hours to practice the DDA formula in the actual spot and actual vehicle that they will test in to achieve the best results.

10. Are there any refunds if I fail on test day?  No. And although it doesn't happen often, you can come back to an Express Parallel Parking Location and, if there's not a ton of customers waiting in line and you have your receipt, we'll be happy to help get things back on track.

11. Is daylight better or darkness a factor? 
No. The test centers are well lit and our Express Parallel Parking locations are too.

12. Is there anything I need to bring to my lesson?  Yes, the vehicle you will test in, a licensed driver 21 or older and a printed receipt if you paid for your Express Parallel Parking Lesson online. A positive attitude and well rested brain are highly recommended too.

13. Can a DDA Coach take my DMV test for me?  No... but with DDA's formula and a little practice and repetition-------you'll be just as good!!!

14. What paperwork is necessary on test day?  If the student will test with a DDA car and Coach and is 18 or older - just the permit.  If you will be going to the test on your own, you will also need someone (21 or older) with a valid PA license, registration and insurance card.

15. Where does DDA perform Express Parallel Parking lessons?  Usually our test facility in Newtown Square, but if you are testing somewhere else, remember to go back to the actual test center often so you can practice and lock in our formula once and for all.

16. Do I need an Express Parallel Parking Lesson if I had lessons with DDA or another driving school?  During your driving lessons you were taught how to parallel park in a driving school car, but if you have any questions about parallel parking with your own car, an Express Parallel Parking Lesson will answer any remaining questions about parking with your own vehicle on test day and certainly boost confidence.

17. Are there any other parallel parking suggestions or tips for nervousness I should know about?  Yes. But you will have to register and schedule your Express Parallel Parking Lesson first to find out.

18. Are there any other advantages to doing an Express Parallel Parking Lesson?  Yes. Your chance of passing the first time goes up and so does your confidence, which means if you practiced our formula, you're less likely to have to reschedule your test.

19. What is DDA's Express Parallel Parking cancellation policy?  We require advance notification if you are unable to keep an appointment.  Express Parallel Parking lessons are scheduled every 30 minutes so if you're running a few minutes late, we understand, however, if you don't call us prior to your scheduled appointment time to tell us you're running late, we will assume you're a no show and the DDA Coach reserves the right to leave, especially if your lesson is the last lesson of the day. When a student cancels an appointment with short notice, DDA Coaches must still be paid, so please provide us with as much notice as possible. Same-day cancellations and no-shows will not be refunded, but students can sign up again for another Express Parallel Parking lesson at the same $25 rate another time. *Cancellation policy and terms" must be accepted before lessons start.

20. Is it really easier to test in a DDA car?  Yes. When you test in a DDA car you get a DDA Coach and the car you learned in to calm things down and practice on test day. If you use your vehicle, you're on your own on test day and are responsible for bringing all valid documents and paperwork too.

21. I'm ready to sign up, what's next?  DDA requires all students to register for our academy online, but more importantly, registering will help us continue to provide the best possible customer service and, once submitted, will trigger a DDA Specialist to contact you to coordinate a date and time for your Express Parallel Parking lesson.  Click here to Register

Thanks in advance for taking time to read and follow our private driving school guidelines...
~We appreciate your business!