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"Jerry, Hey thanks for teaching Nicole not just the right way to merge onto the highway, but what to do when things get tricky. Yeah, I would have never thought to teach her that technique, but now I know what you meant when you said driving program vs. defensive driving program...

and by making her a
right-of-way expert, her decision-making and confidence are so much better.   You guys were great!!  I'll be sure to tell everyone about DDA"
~Donna M - Villanova


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"Hey thanks for teaching Nicole not just the right way to merge onto the highway, but what to do when things get tricky.  I would have never thought to teach her that technique, but now I know what you meant when you said driving program vs. defensive driving program... and by making her a right-of-way expert, her decision-making and confidence are so much better. You guys were great!!  I'll be sure to tell everyone about DDA"
~Donna M - Villanova

Certificate of Appreciation presented to DDA Director Gerald Murphy. Since 2008, DDA Inc. continues it's consultancy with CHOP's Center for Injury Research and Prevention and the Young Driver Research Initiative - dedicated to reducing death and injury from young driver-related crashes through scientific research and development.

"I first want to thank all of the drivers that trained and worked with my son Issac it was one of the best decisions a parent could make before allowing their child to drive a car. I now will start to prepare my son Ian, Issac's brother, for his final class and testing. This is an Awesome Program for anyone looking to drive a vehicle. Second, I'd like to thank all of the Management team and CEO as they will answer any questions or concerns you could have. They will always get back to you. It's a Great team of Drivers and Managers..Thank you for a Great experience."
~Isiah Jones ~ West Chester

"Hi Jennifer. I just wanted to thank DDA so much for teaching my son, Evan Duff, to drive. He was very nervous and when he started with Jared, his nerves were calmed and he became confident. Jared has a great way about him. Evan was comfortable with him and he now has his license. I would highly recommend Jared to everyone."
~Tarsia Duff - Broomall

"I came in for the express parallel parking lesson and a driving test. Shortly after arriving a coach came out to teach me how to parallel park, with the coach's guidance and tips I was able to quickly learn and utilize the lesson to parallel park. The staff was very friendly and helpful, I would recommend coming here for lessons or testing to anyone."
~Bien Nguyen ~ Exton

"I'd like to thank your drivers, and the entire organization, for an extremely well organized and facilitated program that enabled my son to earn his driver's license. I'll admit that I am one of those moms that shouldn't teach their child to drive, despite an ability to teach a child virtually everything else. With you, he gained confidence and a level of awareness that that would have not been possible with him worried about my reaction to his every misstep. Yes, the program is expensive, but it is not costly. It is worth every penny. We were able to receive a discount on our insurance thanks to participation in the DDA, which certainly helps offset the cost of lessons. He knows that this license means that he understands the bare minimum that comes with the responsibility of driving a car, and will continue to practice on roads with which he is familiar, and in the car he will be driving regularly. I'll come back to DDA in two years, when my daughter receives her permit. Thank you again!"
~Ellen Yarborugh - Rose Tree

"I really like this place. They are way quicker then waiting for the DMV and the road test takes around 10 minutes if that. The instructors give good feedback and are nice and friendly. I did fail my first test do to my own faults but they rescheduled me and I passed. I also appreciated that you can practice parallel parking before your test. I would highly recommend them to anyone."
~Seth Myers - Marcus Hook

"Hello Joe and the Defensive Driving Academy team, My grandson, Ashon Phillips was very proud that he passed the driving test today. He stated that he felt comfortable from the time he entered until the time he left. I thank you for your time and assistance today in making him feel that he was not a failure. A big thank you goes out to Ms. Brenda who worked with him and showed him that this task was possible. I am so grateful that my friend informed me about the Defensive Driving Academy. In the future I hope some of your positive energy and attitude be shared with DMV. I will share this with other parents."

Again, thank you. Ashon’s grandmother,
~Hazel Yelverton

"Thanks so very much to Lisa L. at Defensive Driving Academy for teaching Emily the right way to drive. You calmed all her fears and helped her to feel comfortable behind the wheel! I would highly recommend this program to everyone who has a teenager learning to drive."
~Emily K - Havertown

"I needed my license pronto and was a bit nervous about driving so I signed up for Defensive Driving and it was a great decision! My instructor Richard was extremely helpful and gave me great tips and advice to help with my driving. He made me feel very comfortable while driving on the highway (which I was extremely nervous about) and gave me proper advice and practice before I took my test. I ended up passing on my first try! Thanks Richard and thanks to Defensive Driving for helping me get my license in no time!"
~Shane Womelsdorf - Folsom

"I only took the test at the DDA testing center in Newtown Square and not the driving courses. I was really nervous because I didn't know what to expect and what the course was. But after practicing the parallel parking a few times I was okay. When I took my test I had Lynn and she was calm and I felt more at ease and less nervous. She was good at telling the directions before hand so I knew exactly when to turn. Because she was calming I did better and I passed. I highly recommend this place."
~Kathryn Stierle - Drexel Hil

"What a great experience our daughter had at DDA -- from training and testing for her teen license. Ashley was patient, informative and detailed in her lessons and hands on instruction. Our daughter came away with a positive and confident driving ability. Having the opportunity to run through the course on her last session was a confidence boost and she was able to pass her test with ease."
~Jennifer Kohn - Malvern

"I loved my instructor Lisa Lewis! She made me feel comfortable on highways, which I was afraid of, even in the rain! I also don't test well under pressure, but the repetition and review before the exam helped me to be calm and pass."
~Julia - Rydal

"We had a great experience with DDA, and have told all of our friends! Coach Shaun was great and my son really enjoyed talking with him while learning to drive."
~Cynthia Stevens - Phoenixville

"Many thanks to DDA for preparing 4 of our children to be safe drivers over the past 8 years! What a treat to learn that you could license the last one! It took away the stress of the DMV on-line scheduling ! Thank you for making licensing day so easy! "
~Sue & Ed Magargee - Bryn Mawr

"Coach Ashley taught me the safe and legal way to drive throughout our lessons. This was a great task considering I'm originally from Philly where everyone does rolling stops and turn signals are laughable. I waited so long to even attempt to obtain my license due to my fear of driving, but Ashley showed me patience and encouragement. I passed the test after the first attempt through DDA! Now I can finally drive myself to Taco Bell like I always wanted. Thanks Defensive Driving Academy! "
~Hillary Ali - West Chester

"I can't thank the folks at DDA enough! We had a unique situation with our son having had very inconsistent practice due to a concussion and then college. We were up against a very tight deadline to have a review course, parallel parking lesson, and test in the few days between coming home for break from college, Christmas holidays, and the expiration of his permit after 3 years. The folks at DDA were responsive and accommodating to our needs, and I'm happy to report that Matt passed his exam, and feels confidential in his driving skills. He was very complimentary of the staff, and we couldn't be happier that we were able to help Matt accomplish his goal in the tiny window we had available. Many thanks to DDA!"
~Nanciann Woodward - Chester Springs

"I will start off by saying that even the thought of driving has been an anxiety for me my entire life. I hesitated even starting lessons but decided to begin the process through DDA when I heard positive things about the company. When I began the scheduling process I let the scheduler know of my anxiety and they paired me with coach Alex. Well I just have to say that I could not have been paired with a better driving instructor! Alex has been extremely patient, understanding of my anxiety and an imperative piece in me learning how to drive. He taught me techniques that I will carry with me for many, many years. Thank you for everything and I am pleased to say that after many lessons with Alex that today (after only my first try) I just passed my driver’s license test!!"
~Jessica - Ridley Park

"I am an immigrant in my early 30s who struggled to drive a car for many years, especially in a different country. Then I finally decided to get professional training, found out about DDA who are also authorized to test you instead of DMV (which is super cool and convenient). My coach, Amanda, taught me the basics so patiently, my confidence got boost up to an all together different level. I am sharing this story as one of my friends (in her ealry 40s) told me that she feel embarrassed to get a driving lesson, but I feel you are never old to learn something new, and there is nothing at all to get embarrassed about it. I feel more independent now! Thanks to Amanda and DDA !"
~Sheron Goyal - Boothwyn

"John – Both of my girls “clicked” with Sandy and think she’s a terrific instructor. THANK YOU for the effort you’ve expended with me to get Anna and Julia scheduled consistently this week with her. It’s been great for the girls. She told them both yesterday they are “Rock Stars” and “test ready.” I guess we’ll see. Either way – I really appreciate your help.
~Bonnie Milavec - Bryn Mawr

" I'd like to thank the Defensive Driving Academy and especially, Coach Amanda! My daughter, Brooke, had recently taken the 6 hour course with Amanda as her coach, and she passed her driver's exam with flying colors. Her father and I had driven many hours with Brooke prior to enrolling her into this program, and it was not easy. We noticed substantial improvement after just the first lesson! "
~Erika Parker - Prospect Park

My name is Kathleen Williams, My son Joe Williams completed the courses through DDA in June and he took the test at your Newtown Square facility and now has his drivers license! We were very pleased how things went.  

I wanted to say a big Thank you to your Driving Coaches!! Oleg took Joe out on his 1st lesson and he was very nice.  Andy took Joe for his 2nd,3rd and final driving lessons and offered encouragement before Joe took the test at your facility. Andy is the best and I wanted to thank him personally after the test but I got a little lost finding your facility and Andy had to leave to give another lesson to a student before I got there.  Totally understandable, I just want you to pass the word along to Andy that he is awesome and Thanks for all the time he took with Joe and his lessons! 

I highly recommend your facility for driving lessons and the fact that a student can take the test at your facility is a great thing!!  I will tell more parents of Joe's friends about your school.
It was a great experience!"
~Kathleen Williams - Drexel Hill

"DDA has an excellent program. All 4 of my children went through DDA training and all passed on first try and have the defensive mindset while driving. I recommend the program to anyone who has a child about to get their permit."
~Diane Myers - Havertown

" Let me start off by saying a great big THANK YOU to Meryl! My daughter Elettra passed her driving test today and we owe that to DDA and Meryl's awesome professional driving instruction.Meryl gave my daughter the instruction and confidence she needed to get behind the wheel to become a licensed driver.
Once again Thank you Meryl "
~Helena McGinnis - Chadds Ford

"I cannot thank Meryl and DDA enough for working with my daughter and getting her ready to pass her test -- on the first try!

My daughter is a little bit older and had some extra challenges with driving. Previous lessons elsewhere had not helped her. I explained her situation to DDA and they sent Meryl, who could not have done a better job. She was patient and my daughter liked her and felt comfortable with her right away. Meryl did a great job of not only teaching her, but also connecting with her personally. Meryl understood her particular needs and adjusted the lessons accordingly. She also communicated with me regularly and clearly.

Having Meryl take her to the test was great. They scheduled an hour or so for practice ahead of time, and being with Meryl probably kept her calmer than being with me. And Meryl seemed just as excited for her as I was.

So a huge thank you to Meryl for doing an outstanding job! We have had a great experience with DDA and I highly recommend them.
~Marguerite Esmonde - Downingtown

"Andy was great! very personable , friendly and helpful, he is a wonderful coach."
~Jeff Jackson - Upper Darby

"My Daughter just passed her driving test and she had 4 lessons prior to this with Andy. He was an excellent teacher and was extremely helpful in giving her tips that made her a more confident driver. I am so glad we chose to use this service and I highly recommend to others and also if you can request Andy. He just had a great attitude and was a great positive reinforcer. Thanks again!"
~Rosemary Ruhrik - Chadds Ford


I just wanted to say thank you for the time that Bill and Andy spent with my son Dane so that he could pass his driver’s test on his first try. Thank you for the patience and training that your professionals took which made his driving experience easy and simple. I appreciate your customer service team that when I couldn’t get a test scheduled they did it for me . That helped a lot since the testing are now almost 6 months ahead. I will refer your company to anyone that needs to have their child learn how to drive.
Many thanks again
Kind Regards,

~Michelle McGrath - Ridley Park

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience with Danni this morning.  It was so nice of you and greatly appreciated.
DDA has been a wonderful company to deal with to ease all my anxieties associated with my teenagers and their learning to drive. DDA has taught all 4 of my children and I look forward to them teaching my 5th child to take the road with confidence and safety.
Your instructors made my children feel so comfortable and relaxed and instilled values of safety on the road at all times.  Your office made it so convenient with scheduling and their variety of different driving lesson programs was wonderful to choose the right one for each child.
I highly recommend DDA to any family with future drivers.  It is a wonderful company that offers a great variety of programs to choose from and are wonderful to deal with as well!!
With Sincere Gratitude,
~Judy Rizzo - Ardmore

"I wanted to thank DDA and tell them what a great program they are running for the kids. Steve Long did a great job teaching my son , Pat. He reinforced the advice that we were giving on our outings with him. And having the test administered by you was so user friendly to us the parents !! I would recommend DDA to anyone who asks. "
~Trice Ferraiolo - Broomall

"The 30-hour Defensive Driving Academy (DDA) classroom program was worth every minute and dollar! The in-classroom interaction among the students and instructor was invaluable. The instructor kept the students fully engaged, and did so within a fun and productive learning environment. The objective of the course was clearly met, and we'd highly recommend the DDA in-classroom experience!"
~Steve R - St. Davids

Andy was my sons DDA instructor. He was great for our son. He gave him the confidence he needed and encouraged him during each lesson. My son was so comfortable with Andy. He also took the classroom course and really enjoyed learning with Alex. We would highly recommend DDA.

Thanks for everything!!!!
~Helene Coleman - Broomall

"I signed up with DDA about 3 weeks from my license test. In three 2-hour lessons, I learned new techniques to use to help pass my test. Because of them, I passed! I want to thank DDA and their kindhearted instructors for their guidance and belief in me."
~Robert Jackson - Darby

"All I can say is that I could have not done it without you Andy. You have helped me out with not just driving but in life in general. Over the course of 3 lessons and the practice test I have learned so much from you. How to be safe, be aware, make the right judgements and decisions. Also, just your personality while being with you, you are such a great guy. Every lesson you arrived on time and while driving with you I always felt like you had my back during driving and I felt like you did everything in your power to guide me to success. Every time that I had a lesson I would really look forward to it because you made learning how to drive fun yet super effective. If any person out there wants a driving coach that will do everything in his power to guide you and make sure you pass I reccomend Andy. "
~Tyler Stroyek - Springfield

"I just want to say that Alex is a great instructor. I had only been out a few times behind the wheel with my Sister and she made me so nervous and wasn't the best coach. Until I went with DDA, I was very nervous and didn't think I would ever pass my driver's test, however, after being coached by Alex I am very confident. I have my test in a few days and I cannot wait to thank him for giving me this confidence boost and helping me pass (fingers crossed*). The process that he teaches to parallel park is AMAZING. Once I did it the first time, I was ready to do it again. I STRONGLY recommend DDA and hope you all would get Alex, he is great!!!"
~Alyssa Bettcher - Holmes

My son Antoni received his driver licence today!  His instructor Alex was truly great.  During all the lessons Alex was very patient and detail oriented.  He took the time to explain all the rules and provided the correct approach on all the instructions  so my son and understand them and utilize them better .  He really helped him understand what he needed to do and how to handle certain situations on the road.  
Antoni was very fortunate to have Alex as an instructor.  
~Elias Papadopoulos - Malvern

"My son Matt just completed the Teen Fall Drivers Ed 30 hour class at Interboro High School and I am so happy we signed up!! The course hours were extremely well spent and pertinent for today's teen driver. The instructor Jennifer was the BEST! She made the students feel that they could ask any questions and she was in constant email/phone communication with students/parents to advise of time changes and curriculum updates. I will recommend this program to EVERYONE!! Thank you!"
~Donna Brady - Lester

I had no idea who was going to help Robby to learn how to drive after his dad was transferred to California. I knew I couldn't do it all myself. Thank goodness for Andy and Alex stepping in and filling the role of not only teacher, but mentor for when it comes to recognizing and responding to concerns on the road. Both helped Robby to expand his situational awareness to the point that I have few, if any, concerns about Robby driving on his own.
Thank you Gentlemen!
~Cathy S. - Media

"My DDA coach was Joyce and she did a really great job! I took lessons with her and took the driving test a few weeks ago. She's very pleasant to be around and I enjoyed talking with her a lot. She is very calming to be with when behind the wheel and gave excellent instruction."
~Corinne Mackenzie - Glen Mills

"My son was very pleased with the training he received and felt it was very helpful. He was glad he had taken the lessons."
~Denise Paul - Media

~Rosa Martinez - Parkside

"Amanda was awesome. She was always patient with me, told me how I was improving, answered all of my many questions, and never made me feel nervous, which made learning super simple. I always, always, always felt safe, and she's the sweetest person, too. I'm much more confident behind the wheel and I owe that to her. In fact, when I took my driver's test my dad was more nervous than I was, and I passed it with flying colors. I knew the whole course like the back of my hand and had nothing to worry about. I just recently recommended DDA to a friend and was sure to tell them all about my coach. Amanda was the best, and thank you all for everything!"
~Jennie Foldes - Aston

"Hiring DDA was the best money I ever spent! Courtney passed her drivers test on her first try thanks to her wonderful driving coach, Joyce. Thank you so much."
~Tracey Currie - Prospect Park

"I would like to express my overwhelming satisfaction in your instructor Amanda!  She's a gem!  She worked with my daughter in the 10 hour program & went with her to take her
exam. She PASSED on her 1st try with flying colors!!!   Amanda made her feel comfortable and instructed her in exactly what was needed.  I feel my daughter received valuable life
skills with Amanda's instruction!  DDA was worth the money and peace of mind!  Please give Amanda the credit she deserves for a successful out come! Thank you!"
~Lynne Quinn - Folsom

"Wow. Andy was a fantastic instructor for my son. Arrived right on time right to the minute for every lesson. Took him on the highway, into the city, to the drivers course. Was very thorough. We are super pleased with his instruction. Thank you for a great learning experience for my son. He passed the test with flying colors!! Would recommend Andy and Defensive Driving to anyone."
~Bobbie Nuss - Broomall

My sister had a fear of driving and took the Drive and Breathe program. It's because of this program and specifically her instructor Amanda that she has the confidence to drive today. Amanda's encouraging demeanor and words was exactly what she needed to face this fear. She even still talks about her and her points/tips as she drives with me each day. I'm so happy to see my sister face this fear and I am grateful to DDA and most notably Amanda for helping her get over this fear and to feel in control.
~Jerline Joseph - Springfield

I took the Drive and Breathe lesson because the fear of driving had plagued me for years. Even after having my license, I never drove because I was terrified that I had no control and that I would get into an accident and hurt someone.

After finally having the confidence to face the fear, I literally googled "Fear of driving" and lessons" and saw the DDA website with their Drive and Breathe program. When I read the description, I thought I was reading about myself and knew this was the place that was going to help me overcome this fear. After looking at the reviews, I called to schedule an appointment and the woman I spoke to was Amanda. She calmed my nerves and made me feel that I wasn't the only one who had this fear and from that conversation, I knew she had to be my instructor!

I had 3 lessons with Amanda and if it wasn't for her, I know I would not feel confident driving today. I have told her many times that she was an angel sent to me to finally help me overcome this fear. She was consistently encouraging while giving me guidance and tips along the way. She made sure to address my fear and issues from the very first appointment and was always willing to point out my progress.

Amanda really has a special skill in this area and the only reason why I drive everyday now is because of her encouragement and teaching skills. DDA is very lucky to have her, I know I was!
~Jess Joseph - Springfield

"My son had a lot of anxiety about driving. Alex was his instructor. He was patient, understanding and helped Jeffrey feel comfortable behind the wheel. We were so pleased with the knowledge provided to him. After passing his drivers test he said, "Why did I wait so long?" (he was just shy of one month to his 19th birthday) Thank you Alex and DDA for a job well done!!"
~Shelley Brietling - Haverford

"I would highly recommend Meryl from the Defensive Driving Academy. My daughter had a great experience building her driving skills under Meryl's instruction! Meryl put my daughter at ease and built her confidence during her very productive driving lessons. I was also appreciative of Meryl keeping me informed of my daughter's progress and taking my input regarding specific skills I wanted my daughter to practice. And, dong her license test at the end of the course is a wonderful service!"
~Angela Duko - Garnet Valley

"I am beyond happy I chose to take lessons with DDA. My coach, Meryl, has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She is so supportive, funny, kind and patient. To anyone who doesn't feel confident or feels anxious about driving, I would definitely recommend Meryl! She will help calm you down and give you the confidence that you need to be a successful driver. She is the absolute best!!!"
~Jaya Anderson - Brookhaven

"My son had Joyce as his instructor. We couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She has the right amount of confidence building, great tips, and keeping the student at ease. Joyce also took my son for his test, because I was unable to take off work, and I can't thank her enough. He did great! I would definitely recommend Joyce for your teen driver. Thank You Joyce and DDA!!!"
~Maria D'Annunzio - Springfield

"Just wanted to say thank you. Amanda was my daughter's instructor and she was so kind, patient and gave her so many great tips. She had no problem passing the driving test. The woman at the DMV even complimented her on doing the parallel parking so well and said..."did you have lessons or something?" Paige smiled and proudly said yes. I would definitely recommend DDA to my friends and family."
~Mimi Halligan - Havertown

"It is with a great deal of pleasure that I can FINALLY report that Jen got her license today.  Meryl was awesome with Jen yesterday!  Both of the teachers were wonderful with Jen.  I will not hesitate to recommend your services to some of Jen's younger friends :) Thanks once again for your help!"
~Terri Matzo - Downingtown

"Thank you DDA and especially Joyce. You did a fantastic job with my daughter! She was "a bit apprehensive" to get behind the wheel, but you not only made her feel comfortable, but taught her how to be a safe, defensive, smart driver. She still lets me know what Joyce would do in certain driving situations.....you are the best! "
~Bryant Lehr - Bryn Mawr

"I would like to thank DDA and especially Joyce!! Joyce made my daughter Morgan feel so comfortable driving. She was a great teacher which helped her pass her license on the first try. Thanks Joyce!!"
~Carrie Maloney - Drexel Hill

"Joyce was an AMAZING teacher! She helped me stay calm while driving and taught me tons of good tips for the license test, and for driving in general. Joyce took me to my driver's test and I passed on my first try. She cheers you on and makes you feel confident with your driving skills. I definitely recommend taking lessons with her."
~Monica Ricci - Newtown Square

"A big thank you to Joyce! I was a very nervous driver before taking these lessons, which really made it difficult to pass the driving test. But, during and after the lessons I felt relaxed, reassured, and confident in my driving abilities. These instructors are very friendly and really want to see you succeed!"
~Madeline Banks - West Chester

"Alex, her instructor, was wonderful. My comfort level in her driving skills increased immensely after she began driving with Alex. He was calm and encouraging which worked for her and, in turn, helped me feel confident in her skills. He kept my daughter's confidence up and really helped transform her driving on the road."
~Annemarie Cellucci - Thornton

"Thank you Amanda Gunn and DDA!!! This program is awesome! I have two children and both have benefited from DDA. Amanda is an amazing instructor. Her honesty and patience with my son was essential for his learning. Matt was very nervous and she was calming and instructive in many ways. After two lessons I saw changes in his driving and decision making. As he progressed for the rest of his lessons and up to his actual test he had less anxiety and was able to pass on his first attempt!!! I would never have thought of the terminology that Amanda used in helping him to be a safe driver. There are so many unwritten rules of the road and she helped him to understand the true meaning and benefits of "Defensive Driving". She was always prompt and gave great suggestions following every lesson that were in writing. This made it so much easier to follow up between lessons with areas of weakness. Matt was comfortable driving with her and always had nice things to say. I would hands down recommend this program and instructor!! Thank you again for making our roads safer!"
~Joyce Plank - Glen Mills

"I also would like to thank Marlene again, she really put him at ease and gave him some great tips for parallel parking! He passed the exam, and I will be scheduling my 16 year old for classes also in the next week or two. Thanks"
~Lisa Murphy - Media

"Taking defensive driving lessons may have been one of my best decisions I have made in a while. Thanks to my parents for paying for my lessons I got the chance to work with the amazing Amanda. She was the best driving coach I could ask for. Before defensive driving, I was incredibly hesitant when it came to driving because I was involved in 2 pretty bad car accidents so I thought I never was going to get my license but she taught me how to be SO much more comfortable behind the wheel. Her sense of humor also helped me become comfortable behind the wheel. She was/is an amazing coach and I'm so glad I had her for my lessons!"
~Shelby Kenna - Broomall

" DDA helped prepare me for the license test; I wasn't nervous at all for it."
~Patrick Finley - Berwyn

"I just finished the License8 Avoid the DMV program with Joyce, she was so wonderful and calming. When I drove with her I was at ease because I knew that she had been professionally trained and she was just a very trusting person to drive with. I did not feel nervous or stressed out when I drove with her, she was such a great instructor. I wish I needed to take more lessons because I would sign up with her a hundred more times if I could! She is just a wonderful teacher and I am a very confident driver because of her :))"
~Emily Kershaw - Garnet Calley

"My son just completed the DDA behind the wheel classes. His instructor, Joyce was great. She was always on time and went over his "homework" sheet with him. We wanted Joyce to take him to his test, which was wonderful. She kept him calm and confident. He passed his first time. Thanks Joyce for all of your help! I would recommend Joyce and DDA to anyone!"
~Cindy Guilfoil - Drexel Hill

"I have recently completed the Defensive Driving Academy with Joyce and she was awesome. She ran me through the course multiple times until I was completely comfortable with it. I would recommend Joyce for anyone learning to drive and looking for their license she was amazing and I couldn't have done it without her. "
~Connor Guilfoil - Havertown

"As parents we were nervous about our child beginning to learn how to drive responsibly. I am writing this to express my sincere THANK YOU for the excellent & competent people who represent your company. My initial contact with John, DDA rep was pleasant, informative and overly helpful guiding us to place my son in proper course to succeed. Chris Connell, DDA coach was tremendous! The moment we met we knew our son was in good hands and would learn the driving fundamentals in a positive environment. Our son praised Chris saying he was great teacher who quickly recognized his skill level and walked him thru various driving points and constant need to focus on safety. Our family enjoyed our experience with your company and interaction we had with both John & Chris. I would recommend your company to others. Thank you all again."
~Lou Domenico - Drexel Hill

"My daughter Rebecca passed her driving test today first time even in pouring down rain! Thank you so much Joyce for the tips,advice and fool proof method of parking you taught my daughter. She looked forward to seeing you and looked on you as a second mother. I know she will miss you. I am confident she is now a safe and happy driver."
~Zena Garcia - Kennet Square

"Good morning,
Please accept this short note as my wish to relay my impressions of Mike Reilly as an excellent Defensive Driving Academy instructor. To date, I have had two sons work with Mr. Reilly through your program. Both sons have impressed upon me the positive learning environment fostered by this instructor. Mr. Reilly is clearly enthusiastic, informed, patient and tedious in educating and supporting his charges. My interactions with Mr. Reilly have been equally impressive. I find his suggestions easy to remember, his demeanor professional yet paternal and mentoring.
I hope you will accept this short note as my official support for My friend Mike Reilly I believe he is an excellent instructor and is a fine representative of your team."
~Aylin Atillasoy, Ph.D - Bryn Mawr

"I just finished my drivers test with Amanda and couldn't be happier. She did an amazing job with teaching me how to drive. Not only did she teach me well, but she also made me feel so comfortable and confident about myself. She gave me the confidence to support me to pass and I did! She is awesome and I will recommend her to everyone! Thank You guys so much! Amanda is the #1 Defensive Driving Academy Teacher!!!!!"
~Maranda Winfree - Folsom

"It was a great course and a great experience for my son Alex. His instructor, also named Alex!...was very helpful and straightforward with his assessments, teaching and recommendations. Alex passed his license test on his first try! Thank you DDA!"
~Bonita Jones - Drexel Hill

"It was a great course and a great experience for my son Alex. His instructor, also named Alex!...was very helpful and straightforward with his assessments, teaching and recommendations. Alex passed his license test on his first try! Thank you DDA!"
~Jennifer Galilea - West Chester

"I cannot thank Amanda enough for helping me to get my license on the first try. From the very beginning, Amanda helped me to feel comfortable on the road and confident in my driving. She taught me essential techniques, such as how and where to adjust my mirrors and how far I should be sitting to the steering wheel, and helped me to make them a part of my driving routine."
~Samantha Byles - West Chester

  My son just finished his lesson with your instructor Alex and I wanted to tell you what a great experience it was for my son.  Alex is such a nice young man, he's professional and is a great fit for young male drivers.
I am so happy that I used your driving school and dealing with Alex just made it even better. Thought it would be nice to pass it on and I have recommended your school to many people.
Thank you very much for the pleasant experience, now if you can just get rid of my anxiety it would be perfect LOL!"
~Michele Van Belle - Glen Mills

"I would like to thank you for helping me get my driver's license. And I have a special thanks for the coach: Joyce, who helped me pass the test by teaching me some tips."
~Ibtihal Alnahdi - Media

"Amanda was absolutely AWESOME!!!!! "
~Coleen O'Brien - Media

"Alex did a great job preparing Tom for his test.
Thank you!
~Rose Alvord - Aston

"I enjoyed the support from the DDA employees during my lessons! And especially being able to pass my license test with director GERALD MURPHY!"
~Christopher Cooke - Wallingford

"The lessons made me more prepared for the test and more comfortable driving!"
~Melinda Rossi - Swarthmore

"My son's instructor was Alex. He was very thorough and punctual. I would highly recommend Alex. "
~Kathy Ransone - Havertown

"Alex was an excellent instructor for our son. He was patient, caring, and kind. Alex also kept us up-to-date on his progress and provided many great driving tips and techniques. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone who is learning to drive! "
~Carol Tunstall - Glen Mills

"Jimmie took classes the beginning part of the year. I just have to say what a great job you guys did!!!! He is a great driver, very focused, pays attention to everything! I've even had a few family members state, "Jimmie's driving skills are on point"! Lol. Thanks again guys for a great job! "
~Stacey Reid - Wayne

"My son did really well with his driving lessons. Bob was his instructor and he was great. Matthew felt really comfortable with Bob who was able to help Matthew gain more confidence in his driving skills. Bob was patient, caring, and very informative. At the end of each lesson Bob would come in and speak with me and my husband and go over information about Matthew's driving lesson. Bob was always on time. Thanks to the Defensive Driving Academy I feel my son has skills that will assist him in being a safer driver."
~Susan Carey - Springfield

"My experience with DDA was one of complete satisfaction! I had Alex as my coach and he really worked with me to help calm my nerves and really believe in myself. I overcame my fear of parallel parking with ease and confidence. Most importantly I passed my test on the FIRST try. I am grateful to everyone at DDA for the fantastic experience that I had."
~Eva Wilson - Newtown Square

"We have had both of our kids use DDA and it was the best thing we ever did. It gave us as parents and still does a peace of mind. Both or our kids loved their coaches!!!"
~Dona Gettz - Havertown

"We have had 4 children recently go through Defensive Driving Academy. All of our children had great experiences. The kindness and patience of all the teachers is phenomenal. They put our sons and daughter right to ease and helped them become confident and safe drivers. Thanks Defensive Driving! Keep up the fantastic work!"
~Anne Pickard - Broomall

"Alex the instructor was wonderful with Nicholas. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, courtesy and knowledge."
~Mark Andricola - Media

"I would just like to say thank you very much to our son's driving coach Alex. He did an awesome job with our son. We saw a big difference in his driving skills after his first lesson. We would definitely recommend DDA to any new driver. Thanks again and have a great day."
~Linda Lindley - Boothwyn

"Your team is an amazing group of people who really are great with the kids.They both passed! Kudos to Defensive Driving"
~Kim O'Connor - Broomall

"Amanda was an excellent instructor. Thanks very much."
~Mike Monaghan - Havertown

"Hi, We wanted to let Sirod know that my son, Rohan Rajagopalan, passed his test! We think it's largely because of Sirod's excellent instruction. Thanks!
~Lini Kadaba - Newtown Square

"The two drivers my son had (Bob and Alex) were great. This is my fourth child using DDA. I will use them again."
~Cathy Beck - Broomall

"I learned a lot from DDA and thought the Prep before the driving test was especially helpful."
~Brooke Bruno - Media

"I took the prep test with Alex in one of the Defensive Driving Academy's cars along with another hour of practice before the actual test. I found Alex to be an amazing instructor who was very thorough in his approach. I used to be in the UK prior to coming to the US and had been driving for years but on the other side of the road. So in order to get used to driving on the right side, I undertook 2 hours of prep test. Alex let me drive to the test site for the prep and along the way, we went through everything from the basics to the advanced. During the prep, he went through each and every aspect several times to make sure that I was up to speed and there wasn't anything that would catch me out on the test day. On the day of the road test, we went through everything we had been through before and I passed with flying colors. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone wanting to either learn to drive, or who might be coming from a different driving region and looking to obtain their license. Alex really is 10/10."
~Umair Rehmat - Bryn Mawr

"Very impressed with DDA"
~Richard Faso - Media

"Thank you so much Bob for a wonderful experience. You were very informative, patient,and responsive. He passed the test the first time. He's filled with confidence and knowledge that will allow him to remain a defensive driver."
~Kelly Bouknight - Norristown

"I started my lessons a couple years ago with Lynn and I did a test prep last week with Amanda. Both ladies were great! Amanda gave me the courage to believe that I could pass the test and I DID! Not driving has been a thorn in my side for years and now I can say that I am finally licensed! If it wasn't for DDA, this wouldn't have happened. I have recommended my mother to your school because she is looking to finally get her license. Thank you, DDA!"
~Candace Brown - Chester

"Alex was a terrific instructor for my son. Showed up promptly and was very informative. Thanks again!"
~Colleen Norton - Media

"My son took driving classes through DDA and I couldn't be more pleased. All of his driving coaches...Carlos, Bob and Alex were warm, welcoming and professional.

As a parent, it isn't easy to allow your child to drive off with a complete stranger for 2 hours, especially with all of the horror stories that we hear and see in the media; however, I must say that from the very beginning I felt extremely comfortable and a calmness about Eric taking his lessons with DDA!

When I called with questions (and believe you me ....I called!) John was very accomadatiing and answered ALL of my question, adding to my comfort level.

In addition, DDA has taught my son some very valuable driving techniques...especially how to parallel park. He nailed it on the test and therefore he was able to pass his driving test on his first attempt! Now when he parallel parks his car, he is able to get into a spot with ease.

Please know that this driving school has an awesome, highly qualified team of instructors ...you will not go wrong should you choose this school. I highly recommend DDA for your teen learning needs.

I highly recommend that you entrust your needs to DDA!
~LaTanya Jones - Philadelphia

"Gary took both the classroom course and the driving lessons. He was fortunate to have Bob as his instructor for both. Gary just got his license, which Bob took him for his driving test. I feel confident that my son is ready to drive independently after completing both. Thank you Bob and the whole team at Defensive Driving Academy!"
~Tammy Stilp - Broomall

Email address:



"I had two sons go through the driver's education on-road training with Bob Warfel as their coach. He was an excellent coach and prepared them very well for both driving and the test. I would strongly recommend him and DDA to anyone who is looking for a training partner for their teenager getting their license."
~Ray Hess - Kennett Square

"At first I was very nervous about the whole driving process, but with lessons and help from DDA instructors I gained confidence and became very comfortable with everything. I was so happy that they were there for me every step of the way through this experience."
~Gianna Mazza - Media

"Just a word of thanks to DDA and instructor, Carlos, for teaching my son, Josh Pavlo, to drive. Also thanks to Carmen for taking Josh to the test and working with him one last time. Josh passed his test today on his first try! He's a much better driver due to your company's professional and talented instructors."
~Nancy Kane - Broomall

"Wow I just got my drivers license! I do not think it would of happened if it had not been for my coach Bob Warfel. Thanks to the DDA for the Drive and Breathe program, I don't know how else I would have passed."
~John Ferrante - Broomall

"After a bad experience with another driving school, I was going to give up on the idea of getting my license. I decided to contact DDA and was assigned Sandy as my coach. I am so glad that I did. She was excellent. Her patience and encouragement made me want to stick with it. Thank you so much Sandy.
Carmen made parallel parking very easy and her "You got this" worked wonders. I took my test on 7/23/13 and passed.
Thank you Sandy and Carmen. My life will forever be changed because of you.
~Sharon Williams - Yeadon

"Bob Warfel is a great instructor. He is patient and knowledgeable. He made my son feel confident about his driving. Always showed up on time. We couldn't say enough good things about Bob, Terrific experience!"
~Norma Giannini - Media

"Hi Amanda,
Not sure if Emily called you but she passed her License test this morning.
First off thank you as your guidance and Instructions were wonderful.
I will continue to recommend DDA as I think your concept and program are wonderful.
Again Amanda, thank you,,,"
~Nancy Worthington - Havertown

"I was able to pass the drivers test on my first try after taking the lessons. Rod was my instructor and he was very kind and gave me confidence in my driving ability."
~Jack Staples - Wayne

"Tyler really enjoyed his lesson with Rod, and we certainly feel that these lessons will greatly improve Tyler's driving abilities all the way around and will help him to pass the test at the DMV too!!! 
We are glad that Tyler is a student at DDA, and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks!"
~Emily Ross - Audobon

"DDA helped me get ready for the test and the coaches were awesome! I didn't think I would be able to pass the first time and the coach was confident that I would, and I did! Thanks again!"
~Tom Lombard - Broomall

"Coach Amanda was the perfect match for my daughter, who deals with anxiety issues. Being very hesitant to learn to drive, she looked forward to each lesson and spending time with Coach Amanda, even on test day, this relieved her anxiety. The lessons were just what she needed and we tried to reinforce what she learned privately as well. My daughter just received her license the other day, and we owe a big thank you to Defensive Driving Academy and Coach Amanda!"
~Randi Kelman - Kennett Square

"Meg C. was very calm, supportive, and knowledgeable. She was patient and personable. I had a great experience with her and highly recommend her to other students who were just as apprehensive about driving as I was!"
~Morgan Benner - Aston

"You all did a great job teaching my daughter expecially the parking! Thank you she did great on her driving test!"
~Natalie Giuliano - Broomall

" I was nervous/anxious behind the wheel but my driving coach Bob helped me gain more confidence, he made parallel parking a breeze and I passed my license test on the first try. I will recommend DDA to all my friends. Thanks again Bob!"
~Tracy Clark - Broomall

"Taylor enjoyed the DDA course and instructors. She has more confidence in herself as a driver upon completing the course."
~Joanne Fitzgerald - Newtown Square

     Thank you for really teaching Alleigh how to drive.
     You've boosted her confidence and helped calm me
     down!  She really enjoyed working with you
~Jennifer McGaffin - Wallingford 

"I think DDA is an awesome program that I would recommend to all my friends. It was a great learning experience and it taught me so many things. Amanda was an amazing coach and I appreciate everything she taught me - she makes things simple to learn. I enjoyed the time I spent with her! Meg, who took me for my test, was also very nice and taught me a few things in the short time I spent with her. I could tell she was a great coach. Over all I was very pleased with DDA and would definitely recommend it to friends and family!"
~Lori Liberatoscioli - Broomall 

"Kimmy and I both want to express to DDA that Steve is an A++++++++ instructor with his expertise and his patient and caring disposition!!! After first feeling flustered and disappointed that the testing was not at GR where Kimmy had her test prep 4 days prior, Steve quickly turned it around making Kimmy feel confident, relaxed and focused on passing which she succeeded!!!! We are truly grateful to Steve as well as to Lindsay for their wonderful instruction!!!!"
~Trish Margarite - West Chester 

"My son passed his test yesterday. Thanks for a great job done. He really enjoyed the classes and all the instructors (Ross and Sirod). I have to compliment you (Jennifer, Yvonne and Allison) on your scheduling process. I found it extremly easy and efficient. Thanks again to all the customer service associates (John) and instructors for a job well done."
~Robert Worrell - West Chester 

"Thanks to Bob for helping my daughter pass her driving road test - especially the parallel parking portion where we needed professional assistance. Thanks to Jennifer for finding a solution to our scheduling constraints that we face as a busy family with many commitments. Thanks to Steve for discussing all the options that DDA had for us to fit our needs perfectly!"
~Mary Edwards - Wayne 

"Meg Clark was an outstanding instructor to our 16 year old. It's unusual to hear our son speak positively about an adult whose job it is to point out mistakes and make suggestions to improve his performance. He only had words of praise for her instruction and feels totally confident that he will pass his driving test on his first try. I was also appreciative about how Meg went out of her way to communicate with all of us by email and to work around our difficult schedules to fit in lessons.
 Thank you Defensive Driving Academy! Thank you Meg Clark!"
~Robin Hartley - Havertown 

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"Meg was great, really made my daughter comfortable and capable on passing the driving test,  you were flawless."
~Chris Larsen - Media 

"First I would like if to thank you for taking care of all 3 of my children,  Billy, Ryan and Cassandra. Now my worries have really started! I work in a pediatric office and I often have teenagers coming into the office to get their permit paperwork signed. I explain to the parents how well you took care of my children and highly recommend your company. You see, my children did not have their father to teach them to drive. They lost their Dad in 2005 in a car accident and as I've always said, I was not the right one to teach them how to drive. Thank you for taking such good care of my children."
Carol Flanigan - Broomall 

"This is my second child through your program..Meg our Instructor was wonderful and Jennifer the manager helped so much. I have one more boy to go....looking forwarded to see everyone in a year."
~Karen Corialos - West Chester 

"Hey everyone!!!! Just wanted to say if it wasn't for Jen I would not have passed at all. i am nervous by nature and Jen calmed me down and told me just to relax. Thanks a million Jen....sincerely Kristin"
~Kristen Igielski - Secane 

"Randy was wonderful & Brianna really learned so much from him & thought he was great, she had Jerry for her last lesson & he was great also"...Brianna passed on the first try!!!!
~Kim Vochinsky - Broomall 

"Allison, we are happy to report that Kevin passed his drivers test today. Please thank Randy, Mike and Ross for all of their help.We could not have done it without them! Thank you for scheduling his test."
~Kathy and Tony Stripling (and Kevin) - Glen Mills 

"DDA really helped me a lot and I had no former experiance until I started lessons. My first Coach was Brandt who was a little harsh but his methods did help a lot and continue to help me a lot now when I'm driving. I also had Meg and she was awesome - just an all around great person, very nice, and her test prep was the best thing ever. Thanks to everyone at DDA, it's a great organization."
~Peter Kaso - Newtown Square 

"Just wanted to thank Chris Connell for the wonderful job he did with my son Michael. I truly believe he is the reason Michael passed his test. I would highly recommend defensive driving and especially Chris Connell ! "
~Kathy Crouse - Springfield 

"Meg helped a lot. The test was easy to do since I knew the routes, and the easy way to parallel park. It's also easier to park, lane change, and merge on to highways."
~Kate-Lynn Wenner - Morton 

Take a Free Practice PA Permit Test If you haven't been to the DMV to get your learner's permit, or you've been there a few times and had difficulty passing the computer knowledge test--it's okay. DDA is here to help!!! Just click on the PA Driver's Manual (to the left), and you can take a 25 question practice permit test which is very similar to the PA test. If you feel you need more practice questions, just Google "free PA permit test" and you can keep trying practice questions until you're ready to pass the real thing--GOOD LUCK!!!!


"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks for the excellent instruction that I received from Meg in helping me prepare to obtain my driver's license. As one of your company's adult students, I wanted to let you know how important Meg's time, patience,and kindness were in my journey towards this success in my life. As my instructor, Meg proved unwavering patience and guidance and had an innate understanding of the needs of her students. Her professionalism and kindness made me feel safe and calm and I cannot thank her enough for the respect she showed and for all the ways that she shepherded me through this difficult time. I am, and will remain, forever grateful to Meg and wanted to ensure that Defensive Driving [Academy] received my unqualified recommendation for her continued work with your company. - With Thanks"
~Colleen Olsen - Broomall 

"Just wanted to let you know that John's instructor, Amanda, was awesome. According to John, she was very helpful and pleasant. I will recommend her to his friends"
~Nancy Belfie - Springfield 

"Jen was awesome! Don't think I would have passed without her"
~Audrey Lexow - Wayne 

"Hellooo , I highly recommend Ms. Meg, my Driving Instructor .She is very professional, patient, and knows how to teach well not to mention her positive character traits like being cheerful, encouraging, helpful, and friendly... I only took 2 hours before the exam and it was very helpful, i failed TWICE before and now i got my driver's license and it's great to FINALLY get that over with! I am soooo happpyyyyy. Thanks again "
~Haneen Farhan. - Glen Mills

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"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to DDA & to my instructor John.. I could NOT have done it without you!! I am so grateful that you were able to help me overcome my fear of driving and help me get the confidence I needed to pass my test. John - Thank you for having patience with me for each lesson & helping me succeed. You are the best !!! I will refer anyone I know who has driving issues to your company. THANKS AGAIN !!!!  "
~Blair C. - Drexel Hill


"If you want to start driving for your test, open you hearts to the defensive driving academy. All the DDA coaches are incredible, but you should pick Jenn. Jenn taught me all the safe ways to drive on the open road. Jenn always believes in every driver she teaches. I wouldn't pass my test if it wasn't for Jenn. Come on sign up for the online class with the Defensive Driving Academy. It will help you to be a defensive driver."
~Nicole DiNardo - Morton


"I completed test 8 with Meg Clark this past summer. She was a great coach. She was very helpful and friendly. Her information and guidance was terrific. I passed my license test the first time! Even after I completed the program, when I was car-shopping, she sent me an email to refer me to someone she knew. I thought that was very kind since she went out of her way to do that. Overall, I had a good experience with the Defensive Driving Academy."
~Caitlin LeQuire - Ardmore


"Shea says all instructors were very good but Amanda G was especially helpful on parallel parking. He passed! Thanks"
~Judy Shea - Ardmore


" I was so excited when I passed my drivers license test last week!!!!!! On my first try! I was very nervous to take my driving test but Jen was a really great teacher! She gave instruction on what to do and made my whole driving experience more comfortable. Thanks so much Jennifer!"
~Aleah Brown - Lansdowne


"Louie wanted me to be sure to email Sirod to tell him YES, passed on first try - THANKS!
Louie started out thinking he didn't need structured driving lessons but Sirod was "laid back and cool" and Louie came back confident and full of tips after each lesson - good program! Thank you!
~Audrey Ciccone - Broomall


"Hello, Trish passed her driving test last week.  Thank you for all your help, I will recommend your Company for driving lessons.
Thanks again"
~Kathy Conolly - Broomall


"Many thanks to Gentian and Sirod who helped my daughter, Brittany, with her Driver's Test. Both of them gave her the confidence needed on the road and needed to pass the test. I would recommend Defensive Driving Academy to anyone learning to drive. The course that she took was 10 hours long and I was delighted with the results. They used their car for the drivers test. Outstanding job..."
~Linda Riffert - Brookhaven


"Hello!  Maggie (Madeline) successfully passed her driving test last week. Many thanks, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone I know."
~Susan O'Reilly - Media 


"Hi Allison-----Please rely to everyone involved (you and the two instructors) that we were very pleased with the entire process of getting my son lessons and his license.  Thank you all very much!"
~Maureen Hayward - Havertown 


"Hi Jerry------Thanks sooooooo much for getting Will his driver's license...You're the BEST !!!   You made this such a stress-free ex perience for ALL of us. Will is so happy!"
~Pat O'Donnell - Malvern


"Thanks for helping Steve with his skills. He passed his driving test with flying colors. He was very comfortable with his instructors (Jennifer, Mike and Sirod). They gave him valuable insight and tips to be safe and confidant on the road. The Rakoczy family will strongly recommend your company."
~Pam Rakoczy - Phoenixville
  Sent via BlackBerry


" I am a 28 year old single mother who struggles depending on others for everything without a license. I feared driving and had panic attacks every time I was behind the wheel. One time in the car with Jenn B and I was driving all over the place! She gave me confidence and shared knowledge that enabled me to drive comfortably. After 7 hrs of lessons with Jenn, I am the proud owner of a driving license of my own! You dont realize how much having a license can change your life. As a registered nurse, a DL opens a wide arrange of new opportunities for me. I can not thank DDA and Jenn enough for all of the possibilities that lie ahead of me. Having a DL has given me independence, confidence and far more abilities than I have ever had before. You guys are amazing, and nobody could have made me feel more safe and confident behind the wheel as Jenn did! Thank you!"
~Elena Wiseley - Havertown


"I want to say thank you DDA! and to Sirod for giving me that confidence back. Also for making driving a great all around experience.Finally got my license. Will definitely refer you guys. Thanks again!"
~Kyree Madyun - West Chester 


"I just wanted to thank DDA for assigning me such a wonderful coach - Sirod. He was so nice and helpful, and very patient with me as I learned how to drive for the first time. He had such a pleasant and easy going personality that made me feel safe to get behind the wheel and gain the confidence I needed to drive with ease. I was fortunate enough to have a great coach that made a once thought of as "impossible" goal, possible. Thank you again Sirod for all of your help! I appreciate it everyday!"
~Angel Chapman - Upper Darby


"My son had Sirod as his teacher. He gained so much confidence from him. Sirod's techniques were very helpful to my son and he gained the confidence he needed to start driving. Last year my daughter had Jerry. He gave her all the support and encouragement she needed to begin driving.
Thanks DDA for your fine teaching skills and first steps in getting my teens ready for the road!
~Donna D'Agostino - Newtown Square


" Hi DDA!! Thank you for all the lessons, practice hours and for everything! I really appreciate my driving instructor, Sirod, who was a great teacher, taught in a way I could understand, and helped me to obtain my license today on the first try!!!! Thanks again."
~Stan Sunny - Upper Darby


"Thanks for helping Steve with his skills. He passed his driving test with flying colors. He was very comfortable with his instructors (Jennifer, Mike and Sirod). They gave him valuable insight and tips to be safe and confidant on the road. The Rakoczy family will strongly recommend your company."
~Pam Rakoczy - Phoenixville
  Sent via BlackBerry


"Hello, I want to commend  you guys on a job well done.  My son just finished the course and got his license on 12-31-10.  The entire process was smooth and seamless and your staff was very helpful.  This is the second child I have put through your course with great success.
Thank you once again,"
~Simon Oulouhojian - Broomall


"If you are looking for a coach to teach you to drive, choose Jennifer! Being an adult student, confidence was my biggest challenge. Jennifer not only taught me the skills I needed to pass my test two months after getting my permit; she gave me the confidence to know I could do it!   Thank you Jennifer!"
~Karen Bathe - Newtown Square


"I cannot begin to say enough great things about my daugther's instructor Jennifer Briddes. She is an EXCELLENT coach and can relate to young teen drivers. I would highly recommend any parent to ask for Jennifer to coach their child. The 5 two hour lessons were well worth the money. Thanks again Jennifer; you made what can be a stressful time for any parent, non-stressful. DDA is extremely lucky to have you as a driving instructor - you're the best!"
~Margie Carr - Media


Just wanted to say thanks for everything.   Jen was awesome.  I will highly recommend you guys. 
~Mary E. Baratelle - West Chester

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"hey Mike it's Bonnie, just wanted to let you know I passed! Thanks for all the help!!"
~Bonnie McShane - Media

Email address:



"Just wanted to let you know that Kevin passed his test on the first try.  You guys are two for two here. 
~Sally Brewer - Aldan


"Just wanted to let you know that Allison passed her drivers test today and the examiner gave her a nice compliment about her driving abilities. I want to thank DDA for helping and teaching Allison from start to finish. All of your instructors were professional and easy to work with. I will highly recommend your program."
~Mrs. Peg Farley - Broomall


"I just wanted to say thank you to Franklin & Jennifer, the twins Jessica & Marissa, passed their license test yesterday. Very good teachers!!"
~Sue Reagan - Holmes


"Jen was my driving instructor for two lessons, and she took me to take my license test. I hardly ever got a chance to practice outside of those lessons, and I wouldn't have been able to pass my license test without her help! Thanks, Jen :)"
~Kimberly Tanz - Havertown


"Please let Sirod know that Oliver really enjoyed his 1st lesson with him."
~Anne Lee - Bryn Mawr


"Happy to report that Will passed his driver's test on 7/24 with no problems!! I will be more than happy to recommend your company, and please thank the instructors for us. He will finish the online course this week, and then we will just need his certificate for insurance purposes.
~Pat Walsh - Drexel Hill


"If you're looking for an excellent coach to teach you how to drive, choose Jennifer. I kept putting off getting my license because I'm afraid of driving. I decided to take defensive driving classes to ease my anxiety. Jennifer helped me become MUCH more comfortable driving. She's charismatic and easy to understand. Stern when she needs to be, but also laid back. This put me at ease and made
it much easier for me to excell in my driving lessons. Thanks so much Jenn! "
~Holly D'Alessandro - Broomall


John~ Hannah had her Road Test yesterday afternoon at the Norristown testing facility- and she passed!!- Thank you very much for your great lessons -They were  very helpful  to both Hannah and her parents!! It was a pleasure working with you. I will be recommending DDA and you as a Coach!
~Deena Friedland - Lafayette Hill


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Coach Franklin. Len had his second lesson today and everything went great. Franklin is a pleasure to deal with. He is extremely patient and informative. He is a great guy and truly cares about his students and how they are doing. I love the communication and feel so secure knowing he is with my son.
Thanks So Much"
~Tina Giacobetti - Broomall


"To all of my friends at DDA especially John Mirra,

Before getting in the car with John, driving was a nightmare not just for me, but also for whoever was in the car with me. My mom heard about the Defensive Driving Academy from one of her friends and thought I
should give it a shot. Every week John helped me get progressively better. With him it was not a nightmare at all, actually I looked forward to our lessons. After driving with John, and having him bring me to the test center the day of my license test, I was confident that I would pass with no problem, and that’s exactly what I did. I owe my driving skill and the safe way that I drive all to John and all members of the DDA. Thank you all so much!!!
~Bill Cinaglia - Broomall


"Hi Jerry!!
To some, driving a vehicle comes easily and naturally from the beginning... I was not one of them.  Having been born with two serious eye conditions- ocular albinism and nystagmus- I worried that I lacked the capability to safely and successfully operate a motor vehicle. The first obstacle to overcome was finding an eye doctor to support my journey to independence- The second, to find a willing instructor. Upon discovering the Defensive Driving Academy from a woman whom shared my ophthalmologist, I learned that the seemingly impossible task of earning my license actually stood within reach- that is, with a little extra precaution and effort!
A few days prior to my first lesson with Jerry, my mother took me to a nearby parking lot to practice. I hardly knew the brake from the gas pedal, and my mom's nervous reprimands only added to the problem. I became immediately discouraged as my long-time goal loomed in the distance, daunting as ever.
I should not have worried. On my first lesson with Jerry, he remained calm, alert, and encouraging. He allowed me to feel comfortable and armed me with countless tips that applied both to general safe driving and to my specific visual condition. Slowly but surely, we improved my vehicular confidence and I learned how to counteract my visual impairments by abiding by a few simple, easy techniques. I also learned to recognize my personal limitations and adapt to them. Eventually, I felt prepared and ready to take my license test- which I passed! Learning to drive and drive well took a lot of persistence, but Jerry kept me laughing the whole time. I would absolutely recommend the Defensive Driving Academy to anyone- fully sighted or visually impaired- and am immensely grateful to Jerry... I couldn't have done it without your help!"
~Olivia Briskin - Radnor


" Thanks so much Jerry!!! You helped me so much and I am very grateful!! I'm so proud of myself for finally sticking to it and getting my license! Thanks again for everything! You rock! :)"
~Layna Shearman - Drexel Hill

"Hi  DDA!
John was here on Saturday--what a nice instructor/employee!  My children thought he was great!  Professional, helpful and conversive. I am sure you are thrilled to have an employee like him!
Thanks again for your assistance--
 Also, can you mail some business cards/brochures to my office? I am a pediatrician and many patients often ask about drivers ed because of what I do and also because they know I have many children!"
Dr. Susan Magargee   
Kids First Haverford
600 Haverford Road Suite 100
Haverford, PA 19041


"Our experience with The Defensive Driving Academy has been outstanding.  From the easy scheduling, helpful staff, and great instructors, we have no complaints only praise. It was worth every penny we spent and we have already recommended their services to several of our friends. Keep up the good work, we also have a 15 year old who we will be sending your way soon. Thank you."
Deirdre A. Ehinger
Oncology Sales Coordinator
Cephalon Inc.


"Hi Jerry, First I would like to thank you for you insight Thursday night. Just speaking to you calmed all our nerves. I'm not sure if you're aware of this but Brian DID PASS his test on Friday! We're grateful to Franklin for his time, patience and knowledge. Brian said he was an awesome teacher and so helpful and reassuring on the road. They practiced parallel parking over and over again until Brian felt totally comfortable. Again, thanks for your time and I will definitely refer friends to Defensive Driving Academy."
~Kellie Lojewski - Broomall


"HI! My son, Michael Coughlan completed the three in-car sessions with Franklin a few weeks ago... We LOVED Franklin and would like to start scheduling my 16 year old son, Ryan, for HIS lessons- hopefully with Franklin as well...  Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,"
~Joanne Coughlan - Broomall


"Hello To Our Friends at Defensive Driving Academy,
First, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful experience that my daughter, Akela, had with your instructors, especially Franklin. And I also want to thank you for your patience and flexibility with us. I so appreciated your responsiveness to the many situations that arose for us. And yes, Akela passed her driving test and has been driving up a storm! She should be finished the online course soon. Thanks so much!"
~Shawn Lacey - Drexel Hill


"Thanks for the advice, Lara.  I will get with my daughter tonight and get a test date and I will email you back tonight.  We checked recently and there were  times available on 12/4 and 12/5, so wish us luck on getting a quick appointment. Thank you again for all your help.  It is a pleasure dealing with you and your company again.  I will write back later tonight."
~Kathy Cancelosi - Media


"Driving a car is the most dangerous activity that I will ever encourage my children to do. For our family, DDA was not an option, but one of life's necessities. Your individualized instruction and straight teen talk have helped my son be as safe on the road as possible. I am grateful for both your pre and post testing lessons. There are many areas around Philadelphia that new drivers need extra help in order to navigate as effectively as possible. Thank you so much for all you have done for my son, and making all our children safer drivers."
~Nancy Morgan - Drexel Hill


"Thanks Jerry, Mara is really benefiting from her terrific lessons from you and your company.
Thanks, We really feel confident in her driving abilities."
~Sincerely, The Levy Family
                  Stan, Jacqui and Mara

"Katie passed her driving test today! In fact they told her she did everything perfect. Thanks to Vicky and Bill!!  Nice job. We really appreciate your work with Katie teaching her to be a better
driver and your attention to detail in preparing her for the test. I believe it gave her the confidence and the skill she needed.
~Trudy P - Collegeville

"Here's the link to the Defensive Driving Academy... Check out the website...as I said, I can't say enough about our positive experience with them.  We have had past experience with AAA, Cantor's and Confident Driving Schools and have found this one to be superior at an even better price. They are thorough, professional and dependable.  Make sure to mention our referral if you decide to go with them!  Hope you're enjoying your time in Florida, give our love to your parents.
~Kiki K - Bryn Mawr

"Jerry, a very belated thank you for teaching Keegan how to drive. He passed his driving test on August 29. You have been great with both my children (remember Brooke?) and I appreciate your diligent, detailed, and most importantly, defensive teaching techniques.  That's the end of our children when it comes to driving lessons but I will continually refer you to friends who are looking for an effective driving course.  You and all your staff have been so helpful and friendly.
Thank you again for getting Keegan on the road - safely, I might add!  Best regards
~Kathleen Einspanier - Newtown Square

"Just wanted to say a few comments about Courtney's Driving Instructor, Vicky. She is the best teacher, I give her so much credit to take these young learning drivers out. Even teaching parallel parking to the fact that they learn so quickly. Courtney and I just want to Thank You so much."
~Debbie McG. - Glenolden

"DDA is very lucky to have a woman instructor. My husband and I and our daughter liked the fact (being a teenage girl), that she had a female instructor.  Vicky had A LOT of tips, facts and situations to bring to her attention on being a 'female' driver! She was great, it's an excellent idea to be able to offer your customers a male instructor or a female instructor. Thanks a lot for everything.
~Anne T - Wayne

"Just to let you know that Molly passed her license exam on Friday. She really enjoyed your calm and encouraging teaching methods, and Bill did an outstanding job teaching her how to parallel park. I am amazed at how well she can do it. You have an excellent driving school.”
~Patti C - Havertown

"While I was looking at your Web site, I noticed the feedback button... so far, I have dealt w/ Lara, John and Jerry. All have been very helpful and responded quickly. I've known John for many years, and he is the main reason that I decided to sign my daughter up for the 10 hour test package. I expected that my daughter, Alex, would have an excellent experience when he took her out for her first lesson, and she did. While she is driving w/ me, she frequently points out tips that John has given her. While we have only completed one lesson, I can see already that our experience w/ DDA is going to end well (and I have two more kids). Thank you,”
~Mike Stein - Havertown

"I got my license with no problem, and by learning your techniques, I know I’ll be ready for traffic surprises - not if, but when they happen... you’re the man, Defensive Driving Academy is the best!  Thanks again!”
~Doug L - Havertown

“In the icy weather my daughter Meredith did very, very well and passed...you did an excellent job with teaching her all of the fundamentals...her parallel park was so quick compared to others at the testing center...if you ever need a reference from another parent, feel free to give our name out...you did a wonderful job! I will surely recommend you to all of her friends who will be turning 16 soon...thanks again!"
~Janet A - Berwyn

“Thanks for meeting with me on the job. I'm now more aware of my specific weaknesses and by ingraining your techniques, I know I'm good to go. I had no idea I even had any of these driving weaknesses... guess it was just the way I learned when I was young.”
~Bobby D - A. Amendt Pest Control Co., Inc., Glenolden, PA

"Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank The Defensive Driving Academy and especially Christie's "Coach"  and Instructor "JOHN". She passed her driving test this Saturday and John was a very good Instructor meeting her needs. He had a very good manner and Christie felt very comfortable with him."
~Sophia E - Broomall

"Thank You Thank You Thank You,  both of you for making it happen...You guys are GREAT>>>>>>> I am so grateful that you were able to help us. He is so THRILLED and I am so appreciative that you made it happen...I am now your biggest fan...Please let me know if I can ever help. I am a nurse who has my own business, who also happens to be very resourceful. THANKS AGAIN"
~Mary H - Wallingford

"Lindsey asked me to get a message to Bill...She passed her test last Friday! She was so comfortable with Bill, he did a great job! Defensive Driving was money well spent! Thanks for your help and flexibility! You guys are great!"
~Lori C - Havertown

"Just wanted to let you know that Adam was very excited to get his driver's license and that we know many people who have taken lessons through your company and were very pleased. Thanks again."
~Jean R - Newtown Square

"Thanks for all of your help with scheduling Brit's appts. She did tell me the other day that taking these lessons has really helped her improve and has given her a lot to think about with driving - she loves the little tips Jerry gave her! She can't wait to take the test prep course today and get parking."
~Sue McLaughlin - Drexel Hill

"Just a note to let you know that Brett passed his driving test on Saturday (first try) thanks largely in part to the great coaching by Paul and Brett's pre-test coach. Please thank both of them for us; we're extremely happy we used your service and will highly recommend you to our friends in the future. Thanks again.  All the best,"
~Mark, Kathie and Brett W - West Chester

"Hi, Courtney passed her driving test with flying colors on Jan. 3. Thanks to Nikki!
Thank you."
~Karen H - Drexel Hill

"In other news, Carolyn passed her licensing test this past Friday. Please pass along to Jerry that she was complimented by the examiner for her parking.  He said that she was the best parker he had had in quite awhile and that she was a very safe driver.  Our compliments and thanks for all your help."
~Patti W - Newtown Square

That sounds great. I just wanted to make a comment as to how prompt you guys reply as well as the individual attention you give your students. I have had experiences in the past (in New York City) and I must say you guys are bar none... I appreciate your help."
~Tamika Jones - Media

"I had to return to again show my appreciation for your work ethic. I recently passed my driving test which was long over due. Thank you again for the individual attention you have given me. DDA is the best in the area by far. You have been flexible with me and were able to work around my needs. I will miss u!!  I will be sure to spread this around, for you truly stand alone when it comes to a driving school. I wish your company well - you offer much more than a typical Driving school. I have tried others in the past and I must say, the difference is huge! Once again, Thank you for all your help and God Bless."
~Tamika Jones - Media

"Shannon went on her first driving lesson today with Vicky and could not stop talking about it. This is a testament to your great instructors and system. Keep up the good work... Thanks."
~Shaun M - Media

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help getting my driver's ed done.  Franklin was great!!  Really nice and made me feel comfortable.  Thanks again for all your help!"
~Bobby Dods - Aston


"I would like to show my appreciation to the dda for helping me out so much with all my driving. I really am happy and glad for taking it, please continue to teach teens to drive because if they take lessons from the DDA the streets will be safer for all new and old drivers. Thank you so much!"
~Thomas Mitchell - Newtown Square


"Thank you for the certificate. I feel I learned good driving skills at
Defensive Driving Academy.
~Colin Keegan - Springfield


"Both Andrew and Emily Visich thoroughly enjoyed their lessons with Franklin.  he balanced the seriousness of driving with some humor, which kept them focused, and eased a bit of anxiety.  
Kind regards"
~Jacqui North - Strafford


"I really appreciate how DDA took their time with me, and how nice the coaches were. Thanks again!"
~Brittney Wesley - Philadelphia


"Hi Jerry, I want to thank you for Jimmy's driving lessons and also to let you know that
he is scheduled for his test on Tuesday. Thank you for all of your help and lets hope Jimmy passes the test on the 19th. Also, I have given your name to my employers, they may be giving you a call for their daughter. I just wanted to give you a heads up on that, they live near me and she just turned 16. Thanks Again for Everything, much appreciated."
~MaryAnn Christie - Glen Mills

We Appreciate your Kind Words!
Thank You,

~Your friends at DDA Inc. 
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